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Below is a selection of client projects which fall under the heading of Strategy. Simply click on the plus sign in front of the title if you would like to see more details.

The government of a Swiss canton in collaboration with its Middle School Commission is looking to develop a new vision and strategy for the middle schools in the canton. We are providing support in this undertaking:

  • Design and moderation of workshops involving the cantonal government in question and its Middle School Commission
  • Development of a first draft of the vision using creative techniques
  • Moderation of expert hearings

Support throughout the process of consultation, adaptation and adoption of the vision and strategic aims

Once the new Head of Human Resource Management has settled into his post, he intends to align the human resources management more closely with the company strategy. We are supporting the working group entrusted with this task through the following services:

  • Devising and conducting a strategy workshop for the HRM management team to develop the HRM strategy, and to prepare for its implementation
  • Deriving the HRM strategy from the company strategy
  • Preparing to implement the new HRM strategy
  • Support for a number of conceptual tasks in the area of talent management and leadership development

Strategy development and preparation by the project organisation for implementation of an SME’s new strategy

Owing to the strength of the Swiss franc, the subsidiary of an industrial company needs to find a new strategic direction. We are supporting the company in its development of the new strategy and in preparing for its implementation

  • Carrying out various analyses of the relevant business context
  • Development and systematic evaluation of various strategic options
  • Formulation of the strategy
  • Preparation of the project organisation to implement the strategy (including change management)
  • Development of strategic management instruments for use in the implementation of the strategy

Conceptualisation and moderation of regular review workshops for the management team

At a single production site with several business units within the same company, the logistics are to be assessed as a whole and given new strategic direction. We are supporting this project with the following services:

  • Conceptualisation and moderation of strategy workshops for the project management team responsible
  • Support in setting up the highly complex project organisation
  • Subsequent management of the Change Management part of the project