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Below is a selection of client projects which fall under the heading of Leadership. Simply click on the plus sign in front of the title if you would like to see more details.

The company management has asked the Human Resources Manager of the company to establish a system of leadership development for lower and middle managers. We are supporting the HRM in question with the following services:

  • Clarification of the mandate with the client and development of a concept that fits with the company strategy, leadership culture, available resources and the target group.

Implementation of training: role design that is commensurate with the situations of day-to-day management; experience-based management exercises, constructively critical reflection on the results of a personality questionnaire, inputs on leadership methods and tools, development of solutions for cases drawn from the everyday management scenarios of participants, intensive on-the-job training in between course blocks

A medium-sized enterprise is looking to further professionalise its talent management. High Potentials identified by their line managers are to be offered a short assessment. We are supporting the HRM with the following services:

  • Design of a process, which is then integrated into the client company’s existing talent management programme
  • Participants complete two reliable (internet-based) questionnaires and take part in two one-hour evaluation interviews
  • Feedback of results, formulation of concrete recommendations regarding the further development of the participants’ skills

The new remit of an experienced manager is substantially more complex than before. She would like to ensure that she is successful in taking on her new role, and has asked us to support her in preparing for and settling in to the job.

  • Analysis of the starting conditions (business management and interpersonal aspects), definition of goals and outlining how the initial phase of the job will be approached
  • Design of the new role within the manager’s immediate management team and on the senior management team
  • Broadening the focus: no longer managing a team of specialists, but managing a profic centre

Evaluation of initial experiences after starting in the new position, developing concrete solutions for demanding management and leadership situations

A manager has introduced a matrix organisation in his area of responsibility, but the challenges this has brought with it are greater than were originally anticipated. We are working with our client through coaching sessions looking at the following issues:

  • How to proceed with the continued implementation of the change project
  • Leadership in a matrix organisation and from a distance (virtual management), intercultural differences
  • Arrival at concrete solutions for current management scenarios