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How we work

We always start with the actual context of the client’s situation. Very often, there are many layers of complexity, uncertainty, rapid change and a shortage of resources involved. Taking the whole background picture into consideration, we support and guide our clients step-by-step as they arrive at solutions or develop their skills. Depending on the mandate from the client and the particular stage in the process, the focus is either on specific topic areas or on interpersonal aspects of a given situation.

Our toolkit

We use tried-and-tested as well as innovative methods and instruments from the fields of business management, organisational theory, psychology and adult education, according to the requirements of the client’s brief, the situation and the particular stage in the process.

The basis of our work

The starting point for our work is the systematic and holistic understanding of the business or other organisation in question. Continuous quality management is an important element of our work, and we measure our activities and assumptions on an on-going basis against a set of widely-recognised business-ethics criteria.