Below is a selection of client projects which fall under the heading of Change. Simply click on the plus sign in front of the title if you would like to see more details.

A management team that is responsible for running a large sales organisation has a new head. The manager wants to ensure that the new set-up is clarified as soon as possible, so that her team can quickly start to perform what is expected of it. We are supporting the team development process:

  • Kick-off event (2 hrs) involving analysis of the new starting conditions by the participants; employment of various appropriate tools at different stages of the process; agreement on what concrete action needs to be taken

Team workshop (1 ½ days): clarification of the expectations and roles of the team members; agreement on rules of cooperation within the team and on the team’s approach to dealings with colleagues and other groups; establishing how cooperation will be developed on a continuous basis; outlining an action plan

Part of the production side of an industrial enterprise production is being relocated to Eastern Europe. Further relocations may be in the pipeline. The workforce is feeling unsettled, and is reacting in some cases with resistance. The Production Manager has decided to evaluate the organisational climate and make improvements where necessary. We are supporting him and the working group entrusted with this task through the following services:

  • Survey of the organisational climate using a standardised questionnaire (internet-based)
  • Interpretation of the results (i. a. through comparisons with other companies)
  • Development of measures to improve the organisational climate, involving those affected (conflict management, team development, improvement of cooperation across the interfaces).

Improvement of the working relationship between two departments in an industrial enterprise

Two departments within a large industrial enterprise need to work together closely. However, this often results in tensions and conflicts. We are helping to improve the working relationship of the two departments by providing the following consulting services:

  • Analysis of the working relationship (survey of conflict potential, evaluation of the quality of interpersonal relationships involved)
  • Focused conflict management with the aim of improving the day-to-day working relationships

Development and implementation of measures designed to eradicate the structural potential for conflict (reworking of the formal structure governing inter-departmental cooperation)

A relatively large unit within a service enterprise is looking to alter its organisational structure following a change in the enterprise’s strategic direction. We are supporting the management team in question with the following services:

  • Assessment of the current organisational structure against the criteria of the requirements of the new strategy and the processes which will need to be adapted accordingly
  • Formulation of the new organisational structure in a workshop setting
  • Preparation for implementing the new organisational structure (including change management)